Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 14 in La Candelaria

Week #37
So this week went well, there wasnt much that happened. We had our zone meeting this Wednesday, and what hit me was that we have to plant our own feild in our areas. That we need to plant seeds for future Elders. I realized that here I have been reaping more than sowing, but thats going to change. 
This week I spent really tired. Every night I think I went to bed early, im not sure what happened. Ive also had stomach aches the past 2 mornings, but now im feeling better. 
We still havent found anyone new to teach. I realized that we need to go to work to find people, nothing is going to happen if we dont do it ourselves. We cant wait for references, so we have plans to work harder this week and talk with EVERY family that we see in the street. 
On Friday we went to eat and there were chicken feet in my soup. So that was cool. Before I started eating, it smelt good and I got excited. Then I stirred it around and saw the feet. 
On Saturday we went to the temple with Elisabet and her 2 granddaughters. The little girls were acutally pretty quiet, and it was a good activity. Just the bus ride was rough. Standing up in the bus for 1.5 hours both ways is not fun. Especially when youre fasting.
This Sunday Elisabet went up to the pulpit to bear her testimony with her son! It was so cool, and she said she knew she was goingot get baptized. She made it sound like she wanted some more time, but I was so glad to hear that she has the goal. I also bore my testimony in the meeting, but hers was way more special!
On Sunday in the afternoon we visited Yamile. We found her about 6 weeks ago, and she hasnt really progressed, but last week she told us she had some sort of revelation that told her to investigate our church. She just got out of surgery, and cant really move around right now, but has the determination to come to church, which gives us a lot of hope. 
Not much else happened this week. I know this week is going to go great, and that I am going to give the Lord everything I have.
Thanks so much for reading.
Elder Beck 
Alma 34:29, DC 53:2

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