Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 16 in La Candelaria

Week #39
Wow, Im already writing again, I guess that means this week went by quick. Well, where to begin....
ill start from the best part- I heard from Elder Caballero today that Ana, Nandy and Dayana Torres are going to get or were baptized! Theyre the wife and 2 daughters of Hugo Torres, my first convert from Neiva! I was so happy to hear that, and i am so excited for them! So that probably made my whole week. I am going to call Hugo this week and see how he´s doing. 
This week went pretty well. We didnt talk to many people in the street, so we didnt have any new investigators this week, which was a bummer. We were able to have a lot of lessons, and I can see our area is improving. 
Something cool we´re doing right now is in our lessons, if we´re short on time, we´ll read a chapter of the book of mormon with our investigators or recent converts, and explain the commandments or other concepts that are in that chapter. I like doing it a lot, because the peole we teach get familiar with the book of mormon, and we teach principles from Preach My Gospel too. 
I really dont know what to write for this week, sorry. Its been pretty normal, and enjoyable. Things are going a lot better, and we have more people coming out with us to make visits. 
I want to share with you all why im out here, giving 2 years of my life up, without pay and without any physical benefits. 
Im here because I have found that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has changed my life. That through the process of repentance, I have been able to leave behind the bad in my life and be happier- a lot happier. I´m here because I love my saviour, and completely indebted to him, and this is what he has asked me to do. I am here because I want other people to feel the joy I have felt to follow Christ and His teachings. I know that through the Lord we can change, even when it seems impossible. I am here because the Book of Mormon has brought great blessings to my life, and because I have grown closer to God through it. I know that Christ lives. He literally lives, the same as our Father in heaven, and they are always ready and willing to help us. I love the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, just like Moses or Abraham. I know that I am doing the Lord´s work, and its the greatest thing I can think of doing. I know I can be a whole lot better, and I anxiously wait to get to be who the Lord needs me to be. 
Thanks so much for reading.
Elder Beck
3 Nephi 27:19, 3 Nephi 8:1, 1Nephi 10:6, Alma 37:44-46, 
Pictures from the temple with Elizabeth, The Martinez Family

 pictures of Bogotá and the aforementioned torres family.

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