Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 8 in Piamonte

Week #49
Hey everyone!
This week has gone pretty good. Its had its normal ups and downs, but we have been able to find new people to teach, and analyze how we work and how we can improve. Ive also eaten a lot of good food this week, a lot of good food not typical of Colombia.
So last Monday night we went to make a visit to a contact we had made. We knocked on her door, and she came out. She greeted us, and told us that it wasnt a great time, that her husband* wasnt in a good mood, but we insisted, so she went and asked. They let us in, and he promptly asked us, ¨Whatll it be?¨ So we told him we had met his wife and wanted to share a message. It seemed like things would be tough right off the bat, but as we went teaching, he softened up a lot and told us that he wanted to find peace in his life. It was really cool to meet the family. Unfortunately we couldnt find them most of last week, but Sunday night we were able to arrange an appointment for wednesday. Oh, and theyre a family of 8. S its kind of a big family.
We also found a less active member looking for adresses we have on the ward directory. We werent even looking for him, but we found him and he let us in, which was really great because we had been on our feet all day. He lives with his girlfriend, and they have a son. They have heard all the missionary lessons, and are really great. I think we just need to encourage them so they can start doing what they need to to have their eternal family.
We have also received some GREAT references from the members this week. We found William and then Claudia. They are both really great, sincere people who want to get closer to Christ. We have a lot of new investigators, so we have been really focused on having people read the Book of Mormon, and ask God if it is true. I know miracles will occur, and am excited to see how things go.
This Thursday we went to the mission offices for an appointment Elder Rodriguez had, but it fell through, and we ended up going back Friday. So that meant we doubled the 1.5 hour bus ride on 3 buses there and back. But the good thing was when we went Thursday we got Papa Johns pizza, and on Friday we ate McDonald's, because American restaurants exist in that part of Bogota. So that was a fun way to spend Thanksgiving. When we got home Thursday night, we also found a giant pizza on our table. Elder Wright had bought pizza for us all. It was Colombian pizza, but it still rocked.
This Sunday nobody came to church. It was tough, and rather discouraging, because we had invited a lot of people to go, and most of them said they would. Then when we called to confirm our appointments, they all fell through, so Sunday was a hard day, but I felt a lot better after we found the aforementioned family of 8 in their house, and we placed a date to return.
I'm happy with this week, and Elder Rodriguez and I are ready to go super hard next week to bring the miracles to our area.
I know that the Lord is hastening his work, and that He will come again. I know that the Atonement of Christ can change us, and that through him we can have absolute joy. I know that God has restored his church through modern prophets, and that he does speak to men.
Thanks so much for reading!
Elder Beck
Pictures: pizaza, me with da pizza, and the weights we've made

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