Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 10 in Piamonte

Week #51
Well, this week was a lot of fun, it went well, and the work here is progressing. 
So I forgot to say last time that after church last Sunday, William said he wanted more time to be baptized, and didn't feel good with a baptismal date for the 28th. So I suppose Ill start off with what has happened with William. We were only able to visit him once this week, and we taught him about the Word of Wisdom. It went well, he understood the commandment, and was completely willing to make changes in his life. So Sunday morning we swung by his house and took him to church. I was surprised at how mobile he is, although he is in a wheelchair. So when we got to church, we arrived a little early. I was sitting next to William, and he asked me if he could go work a bit after church. I told him he could, it was his choice, but I explained that the Bible explains very clearly that on the Sabbath Day we shouldn't work. He just said okay, we have to obey. He hadn't worked all week, and his work is selling trash bags and candies outside a supermarket. So we passed by where he normally sets up Sunday afternoon, and wasn't there. Its great to find people that are willing to obey Gods commandments. 
So things with Liliana this week were pretty much the same as last week. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with her. She said she liked it, but it was really sad all the sacrifices the early saints made. So since she didn't come to church last week, she needs to attend once more to be baptized, but she leaves on Thursday for a far-away town, where the church doesn't exist. So, I called the mission president to get his permission that we could baptize and confirm her after church. He said yes, that our bishop would just have to approve it. The sad part is that she didn't come to church. she got stuck at home with her 2 year old son, and her sister´s 2 kids as well, and didn't have a way to transport them to the chapel. We passed by her house on Sunday night to see what had happened, and she said there is a possibility she wont even leave on Thursday because she might not get the money she needs. So who knows what will happen. 
On Friday we were walking through a park in between appointments, and I saw a man sitting on a bench. Something told me to talk to him, but I couldn't. I don't know what happened. So as we passed by, I just said hi to him. When he responded my companion stopped to contact him, and I felt so relieved. We talked to him for about 5 minuted, ans set an appointment for Sunday. On Sunday when we got to his house, his 8 year old son answered the door and told us he wasn't home. He told us he didn't know where he was, what he was doing, or when he would get back. That kind of thing happened A LOT. Little kids answer the door and tell us their parents aren't home, or cant let us in. And most of the time were pretty sure we aren't being told the truth, so its fun. Sometimes I even tell the kids to go ask their mom or dad when we can come back, and they go to ask, even though they're ´not home´. So that's always fun.
People are getting into the Christmas season here. Christmas lights, and decorations are everywhere. Most people have big nativity scenes in their houses, that can be very intricate. Its a lot of fun. 
We had a lot of appointments fall through this week, and we have seen lots of opposition, but im happy. Our key indicators are really low, but I know we are doing all we can. We are coming to the conclusion that we need to find and reactivate the less active members, because why would the Lord give us new people, if we cant keep the ones in who we already have been given. So it'll be off to the rescue.
Not much else has happened this week. If anyone hasn't seen the ´He is the Gift´ video from the church, you need to go watch it now. It is really special. 
I know that God lives, and that Christ is his Son. I know that we can improve, that Christ´s atonement makes all things for us possible. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God, just like the bible. 
Thanks so much for reading, merry Christmas. 
Elder Beck

scriptures I liked this week:
Alma 31:31
Ephesians 2:12
Mosiah 27:25

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