Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week 12 in Piamonte

Week #53
I get to stay another transfer in Piamonte! There were no transfers in our district, but the zone leaders told me I had to look for a new apartment again, so let the search begin! We have already seen a few that are nice, just a little small.
This week was crazy for us. We didn't manage to have many lessons before Friday, because we couldn't find anybody at home. It was madness. Here they celebrate Christmas eve more than Christmas, or at least the celebration takes place more on the 24th and not the 25th. On the 24th at midnight, ´el niño dios´ comes and gives the kids presents, not Santa. So that's different. On the 24th we visited members, and we ate way too much food. I got home absolutely stuffed. I'm surprised I didn't throw up. wow. it was so much food. 
On the 25th we went to a stake center to meet up with all the missionaries in Bogotá, and we had breakfast. Then President talked to us about our attitude and how we can make things happen if we have a positive, determined attitude. Then we came home, and I got to Skype home, which rocked. I think that was the fastest hour of my mission. 
On Friday we were able to visit a member family, and gave them a copy of the ´my family´ pamphlet the church made to start family history. They were super excited, and it really got the dad excited to do his family history. Its always been kind of hard to get the dad excited and involved in church thing, I suppose the spirit of Elias is real. On Friday we also had a lesson with Lourdes and her husband. We found Lourdes about 2 weeks ago, and we finally had a lesson with her and her husband. They are married, and he was actually super cool. They both told us theyd come to church this Sunday. Its great teaching families.
On Saturday we had a district activity in the morning. We all had breakfast together, and then went to public places that are more or less shared between our 3 areas, and contacted the people who passed by- except when we contacted, we did it one by one, not with our companions. Don't worry- we were never alone, always close to our companions, but we were talking to other people. It was cool, because I always had to be talking to someone. I couldn't just stand around, or id look like a fool. Well, maybe I looked like a fool anyways, talking to every stranger that passed by. I felt really good with the activity, and working hard felt good. We had a bunch of lessons with less active families on Saturday as well, including one we found on Tuesday. Only the dad is a member, and his wife and kids are really open and friendly. So we found 2 new families this week. 
On Sunday we had 3 investigators in the chapel. William, Lourdes. and Ximena (whose sister is a recent convert). The 3 really liked church, and our gospel principles class was really great. The teacher showed the ´he is the gift´ video, and everyone we talked to after said they really liked it. 
So this week went quite well. I cant complain. My companion and I have decided that every day we will start visiting members of the church to give a 5 minute message, and ask for references. We aren't expecting much for this first week, but we hope that as we pass by weekly with people, they will realize that we need their help, and they will begin to trust in us more. 
I know that Christ lives. I know he loves me, and each one of you. I know that through he Atonement of Jesus Christ we can change and be free. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, as Abraham, Moses and Noah were. 
Thanks so much for reading!
Elder Beck

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