Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week 9 in Piamonte

Week #50
Well, this week went alright. It began with high hopes, and ended a little lower, but things are improving a lot here!
Last Monday we had a lesson with a newer investigator, William. He is great, and wants to be baptized. At the end of the lesson he accepted a baptismal date for the 27th of December. Were pretty excited, its just tough teaching him, because he doesn't really understand everything we teach him, but that's alright. 
On Tuesday we had exchanges with our district leader, and I was with Elder Bailon from Ecuador. He only has 4 months in the mission, but he is really on it. We went looking for less active members, and we actually had a lot of success. We probably found 5 houses that actually exist, and that are the correct addresses. We also had a lesson with Liliana, where she told us she would be staying for about 2 weeks more, and accepted a baptismal date for the 13th! I was so excited. So all she had to do was come to church and she was good to go!
On Wednesday we had a lot of plans, and they mostly all fell thru. We only had lessons with less actives, and recent converts. Its kind of a bummer when you dont see any investigators in a day. We saw a lot of opposition Wednesday 
So Thursday in the morning I got sick, and spent the day in bed, so we can fast-forward to Friday
So on Friday we had our zone conference and they explained to us how we are going to use a video from the church, called, HE is the Gift. I highly suggest it, its a really powerful video about Christmas. So we have used that in almost every lesson, and its great. We had a few lessons, but the best was when a lesson fell through, and we went to look for a contact in his house. When we were walking to his house, we found him in the street, which was a miracle! We got to talk to him, and when we showed him the book of Mormon, he told us ´it'd be really cool to have that book´ So we promptly gave it to him, which surprised him. That lesson was a lot of fun, and I'm really hopeful he can progress. 
On Saturday we finished the lessons with Liliana, and she is all ready to go. On Saturday i didn't feel much better, and took some pills for the cold. 
On Sunday we had a good day, although it felt short. Only William came to church. Liliana didn't come, so she cant get baptized next week. We called her but her phone was off. I got stressed in church, but listening to the testimonies helped me relax and feel the spirit. For lunch they gave us macaroni and cheese, apparently the brother is a chef. So that rocked. Then we took off to a lesson with Lilianas sister, and she told us that she (Liliana) went to help her brother in the hospital, who had emergency surgery on his appendix, so that's why she couldn't come. 
I feel good this week, I know the work is progressing here. I know the Lord is hastening his work, and we can all take part. I know the Holy Spirit testifies of truth. 
Thanks for reading!
 Elder Beck

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